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This book is about the worldwide medical infrastructure country-by-country along with lists of the big medical organizations like the WHO.

It includes lists of hospitals, clinics and medical industry companies/ organizations for most countries but not the U.S. because I created other books for American medicine.

The 36 volumes are as follows:

Volume 1. A Medical Travel Information Guide 1
Volume 2. A Medical Travel Information Guide 2
Volume 3. Tropical-Infectious-Travel Disease Guide
Volume 4. Travel Health Doctor/ Clinic Guide
Volume 5. Vaccination Pro and Con Guide
Volume 6. Worldwide Medical Resources and Services in Most Countries
Volume 7. A Medical NGO Guide
Volume 8. World Hospital Guide
Volume 9. A List of 1700+ Healthcare Facilities Worldwide from jointcommissioninternational.org/about-jci/accredited-organizations
Volume 10. A List of Hospital Addresses Worldwide, no Websites from international-health-cover.com
Volume 11. World Hospital Website Guide
Volume 12. Worldwide Federal Government Health Department Websites by Country from tools.ispor.org/htaroadmaps
Volume 13. Worldwide Medical Knowledge
Volume 14. World Medical Information Guide 1
Volume 15. World Medical Information Guide 2
Volume 16. World Medical Information Guide 3
Volume 17. World Medical Organization and Website Guide 1
Volume 18. World Medical Organization and Website Guide 2
Volume 19. World Medical Organization Lists for Some Countries from theagapecenter.com/Organizations/Countries/index.htm and theagapecenter.com/Organizations/index.htm
Volume 20. A Worldwide List of Medical Organizations from theagapecenter.com/Organizations/A.htm
Volume 21. World Medical Websites and Organization Lists from the International Medical Volunteers Organization, imva.org
Volume 22. World Medical Websites by Country from dmoztools.net/Health/Regional
Volume 23. U.S. Organ Donation-Transplant Guide
Volume 24. World Organ Donation-Transplant Guide
Volume 25. Medical Tourism Guide
Volume 26. Disabled People Travel/ Access and Barrier-Free Info
Volume 27. World Medical Job Guide
Volume 28. Canadian Medical Guide
Volume 29. Britain-Ireland Medical-Health Guide, includes Jobs
Volume 30. Australia-New Zealand Medical Guide
Volume 31. Asia Medical Guide
Volume 32. Middle East Medical Guide
Volume 33. Europe Medical Guide 1
Volume 34. Europe Medical Guide 2
Volume 35. Mexico Medical Guide
Volume 36. World Medical School Guide

There are a few world hospital databases out there but this book is the only one that covers hospital and medical websites by country, government health department websites and many lists of world health organizations.

The people interested in this book would be:

medical professionals looking for a worldwide medical infrastructure of research and medical facility links

medical students looking for med schools, residencies and jobs worldwide

anybody in any facet of the medical industry looking to expand to foreign markets

people looking for a medical job worldwide

patients and others doing rigorous, comprehensive medical research looking for ideas from other places

tourists, travelers and expats in foreign countries

medical tourist patients

people looking for an organ transplant that they can buy

disabled people looking to travel to a foreign country

Joint Commission’s International’s list of about 1700 accredited healthcare facilities are in this book.

Somebody at the theagapecenter compiled some world medical organization lists which are in this book.

There’s a list of hospital addresses by country from international-health-cover without websites in this book but it’s not comprehensive.

123world has a hospital icon at the bottom of the page. They provide a list of some hospital websites worldwide.

Wikipedia has some pretty good lists of hospitals by country with no addresses or websites.

I reproduced what I could from the NGO lists at the website …

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