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In "Take a Free Vacation to Thailand," you uncover how your current medical insurance is not keeping you as healthy and as fulfilled in life as you wished. Medical costs are rapidly increasing with no expedient chances of becoming more affordable. For a much lower cost, Thailand can offer high-tech medical care which could compete (if not outpace) the current global standard.

The world is getting smaller.

What have you done in the last 5 years that truly captivated your heart and freed your soul? Have you always been wishing for a retreat, to get away from it all…in a foreign country?

Perhaps any medical procedure is not as exciting to ponder as a lazy time at the beach sipping beer or Margarita during happy hour. That doesn’t hurt…EVER.

How about getting an exquisite massage for less than $10 after a long day of temple-hopping?
Or a sumptuous meal for under $5?
Why not come home to an Airbnb suite charging less than $50 a night?

What you would pay for a complex dental procedure may exceed what you would spend for a 10-day vacation for 2 in Bangkok! You could claim your health back in two ways. One, by getting the procedure done abroad, and two, by giving yourself the retreat your soul and body long desired.

For that to happen and become successful, I’ll tour you (pun intended) through my book where I’m giving great tips—where to go, what to do—to maximize the value of your dollars.

Now, pack your bags, take a trip, get an elective procedure done 40-70% less and get your entire vacation paid for!

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