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Are you struggling with an ailment or illness, but either don’t have health insurance, can’t pay the doctor bill to treat you, or the procedure you need is not available in your country?

Every year in the United States, nearly 45,000 Americans die due to lack of insurance or lack of timely medical services.

Traveling abroad to receive medical care may be the answer. India offers the most educated doctors, state-of-the-art facilities, and the widest range of alternative care available in the entire world.

Best of all, the costs are surprisingly affordable!

I am a former diplomat of 35 years, representing India among different people in more than a dozen countries.

I believe that at the end of the day, all lives end up as collections of stories, each with its own lesson and wisdom. Don’t wait to make your own life story exciting, heroic, and adventurous. Embark on your own journey to the diverse land of India, to be the healthiest you can be!

In this book, I will show you exactly how India can assist you with your healthcare needs:

  • I’ll tell you what medical tourism is and why it’s a growing practice
  • Why you should choose India as a health and wellness destination
  • I’ll share with you a little about the culture
  • What conventional/western medical procedures you can get while in India
  • What the advantages are to choosing Indian medical centers
  • What alternative healing systems are available for you to utilize
  • How Ayurveda works
  • How aromatherapy and natural care is beneficial to you

I will also give you a comprehensive list of the very BEST Ayurvedic and Conventional treatment centers, along with their contact information, websites, and what specialties they offer.

As an added feature, I have included a short appendix outlining some commonly used essential oils for your reference.

Once you have read this book, you will know all about how to become a medical tourist to the ancient, exotic, exciting land of India!

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