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International Medical Tourism (Award)
This book introduces the concept of medical tourism and the current state of industry to interested students and those who are interested in the medical tourism industry, and provides key knowledge that should be learned by prospective personnel in the field of medical tourism. This International Medical Tour (Grand Prize) is designed to enhance the learning effect by incorporating the core concepts and abundant explanations by reflecting the latest data so that it can fulfill its role as a university textbook unlike the existing test books.
br The feature of this book is that unlike other college textbooks, it provides each units learning goals and core summary. In order to convey the core contents, “Learning Objectives” are presented at the head of each unit so that the reader can understand the clear goals and the direction of learning. At the end of each unit, the “core summary” The contents were summarized and provided additional information such as laws and cases through the “I Know” section.

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