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International Medical Tourism Practical Japanese 2

The International Medical Tourism Coordinator is not only providing medical interpreters for foreign patients but also plays a pivotal role in medical tourism, which provides pre-entry information and post-departure management. In this process, communication with medical tourists is a prerequisite, so it is natural that excellent foreign language ability is required. However, it is not easy to find practical medical tourism Japanese textbooks. The author was aware of this situation better than anyone else when he was a medical tourism coordinator in the field. I have summarized the Japanese expressions that can be applied immediately at the medical tourism scene with the help of the field medical staff, the authors experience, and the help of the surrounding area.

It is suitable for international medical tourism coordinator marketer or as a textbook of medical institution employees (doctors, nurses, medical technicians), skin and beauty department, health department and tourism students, It is useful to use as a reference book for those who act as tourist coordinators. The second volume is about the Japanese language deepening by the medical departments. It consists of the consultation expressions by each department, and the expressions after examination, treatment, and after treatment. As the description of the procedure is written in detail, it can be used immediately on the field to provide easy-to-understand communication with Japanese medical tourists.

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