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Every doctor, dentist, and hospital manager in every country should read this first!”

“This little book is worth every penny! Don’t hire a consultant or try to market your medical or dental services to international patients without reading this book cover-to-cover and completing every action item in the checklist in the book!”

“I’ll admit… before I read the book I thought, “how difficult could it be to welcome foreign patients to my existing medical practice?” Once I read the book, I realized there was a lot I hadn’t even considered. Now I know exactly what I need to do to prepare…and how to ask for help for the parts I cannot do or should not do for myself.”

Maria Todd authored this book with the intention to make it a concise answer for those curious about medical tourism business startup. She wrote this book to address the concerns of the doctors, dentists and health facilities drawn from hundreds of consulting and coaching engagements all over the world since 1983.

This book is different from the other titles she has authored intended for destination developers, cluster organizers, government authorities, self-insured employers, aquatic therapy resorts offering balneology and thalassotherapy, and a book specifically for medical tourism facilitators and case managers.

She draws from her knowledge and experience as a surgical nurse, case manager, and hospital manager to describe what is required from the practitioner and health facility. To this she adds her insights from her work as a travel agent and her additional training and certification in Digital Marketing from Google. No other book in the industry offers such a concise look at the business infrastructure that must be in place at every medical clinic, hospital and same-day surgery center. Readers will come away with a new perspective about all the moving parts to medical tourism, and a checklist and other practical recommendations and action items to get them started on the road to success.

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