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“Health is wealth”- we know this phrase from the childhood. A healthy person can do a lot of work than an unhealthy person. Do you know to maintain a healthy body is not an easy task? Yes, there are too many diseases around us, which always effect to us and make our health weaker. Most often time if new not get rid of this disease, it may cause leads to death. So, it is more important to make better prevention for those persons who are affected. This is the point what I am talking here.

There are many hospitals, clinics, medical institutions around us. There are many doctors, nurses, ward boys- who are always busy to take care of patient. Some are goods and some are not goods. As this century is a technology dependent century. People can easily get any information from internet and can travel any country easily. So, in case of patient they can also choose better treatment for getting rid from their diseases.

“Medical Tourism” or “Health Tourism” is that plot where people from different countries can choose their better treatment by traveling to other country.

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