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When we consider medical tourism or are just seeking medical treatment abroad, we have to consider three main things. Is it safe? Is the treatment of a high standard? Does it save us a lot of money? So I would like to share my medical tourism experiences with you. It just might answer many of your important questions. I saved roughly $40,000 (USD) or about 25,200 (GBP) on my treatment. How about that? Pretty nice, I think… This book was written so it could be read and understood easily. It is a fun, hopefully entertaining, and most of all useful read. I intentionally wrote it this way because too many medical tourism books are overly complicated, leaving the reader more confused than when they started. And they can be very expensive! By reading my book, you may not have to buy another medical tourism book. Why? Because I provide you with information on resources that just might make it possible for you to make the arrangements yourself, saving you time, frustration and possibly even money on a middle man. I did it and you can do it too! This is my story…

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