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Medical tourism
For the overall understanding of medical tourism, academic and industrial characteristics and contents of medical tourism were presented, and definitions of medical tourism, key power factor, obstacles and related environment were examined in various ways. In order to understand medical tourism products, the importance of merchandise characteristics and consumers perspectives, theories necessary for commercialization process and examples of medical tourism products are presented. The basic theories of strategy, environmental analysis, competitive strategies and core competencies and services are presented so that medical tourism can be strategically performed from the perspective of corporate executives, managers and practitioners.

The present status of domestic and overseas medical tourism has been analyzed, and we have analyzed the market analysis of our competing countries and the medical tourism situation of domestic municipalities. And changes in health care policy. The case study of medical tourism survey conducted by the government and related organizations is presented, and it is possible to see what kind of analysis should be analyzed as the subject of the changing consumer behavior and medical tourism. Finally, strategic suggestions were presented focusing on risk management and the government s strategy to revitalize medical tourism.

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