My Thai Facelift: A Personal Account of ...


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Have you ever wondered what it is like to travel overseas as a medical tourist? This book will give the reader insights into and advice about what to expect when embarking on an overseas trip for cosmetic surgery. The author made the trip from Australia to Phuket, Thailand as a medical tourist for cosmetic facial surgery. This is a detailed account of her experiences providing factual information about travel arrangements; how to prepare for surgery; the surgery itself; medical care and recovery. The author also comments on agencies that organise group medical tourism excursions to Thailand from Australia and evaluates the quality of their services and whether they provide value for money. She also comments on whether cost saving by travelling overseas for this type of surgery really is cost effective in the longer term. With an introduction of the issues that led up to her decision to embark on a trip to Thailand as a medical tourist the book gives an in-depth account from a personal perspective. This little handbook is a must read for anyone considering medical tourism and specifically for those thinking about having a facelift. The narrator creates a vivid day by day account of exactly what to expect and what the experience is really like.

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