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The Advantages of PhytoCellTec?

Technology. This innovative technology developed by Mibelle Biochemistry includes the following advantages: Able to cultivate rare and endangered plant stem cells while honouring the Mother Nature. The supply of ingredients are not affected by the seasons and market demand. Ingredients are free of pollutions and chemicals. A constant concentration of metabolite substances in stem cell. The ingredients of Double Stemcell. PhytoCellTec? MalusDomestica (apple stem cell) Uttwiler Spatlauber Swiss apple is a rare 18th-century species of apple tree which is capable of self-healing and has greater sustainability. It was discovered by Mibelle Biochemistry research team, and later the scientists of Mibelle Biochemistry have successfully developed the stem cell of Uttwiler Spatlauber Swiss apple. Unlike other species, Uttwiler Spatlauber Swiss apple’s stem cell has greater vitality. Research studies have shown that, a 0.1% concentration of PhytoCellTec? could activate and regenerate 80% stem cells in human body. Besides, the epigenetic factors and metabolite substances found in PhytoCellTec? MalusDomestica Apple Stem Cell have made a contribution to longer cell lifespan and greater stem cell protection. This magnificent result of apple stem cell has pushed the anti-ageing therapy to a new level. The unique effectiveness in anti-ageing and activating cell regeneration has made the product popular among celebrities, for example, the First Lady of the United State, Michelle Obama, Helen Mirren and Jennifer.
Repairs and rejuvenates cell
Enhances health and vitality
Maintains acid-base balance within body
4 pack x 14 Sachets x 1200mg

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